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Seed Music Academy

Posted 30 September 2020


906 Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 3465 5000

“Nurture by love” is the mission statement of Seed Music Academy. The academy adopts the best from the Suzuki philosophy in our early childhood music, cello, violin, and piano classes where we believe in the innate ability of every child to master difficult musical instruments, and that the simultaneous development of the child’s inner heart is integral to playing anything beautifully.To us, every single child is like a seed, who, when nurture with love, will grow into a majestic tree.

Our studio is designed based on this concept, with a green grass carpeting to represent how the academy is the ground for children to grow, a tree-shaped desk outlining the expectation for children to grow into a strong tree under the influence of music, and the white ceiling with rounded green leaves depicting the branches and fruits of love and support.Parents play a vital role in the musical journey of a child; as such, they are required to be present for every class since learning music is a unified effort between the Academy and at home. Especially for young children, their success in picking up their sensitivity towards music depends on parents’ patient attention and encouragement in every lesson and at-home practice session.

Our teachers are great communicators who are passionately trained to understand that each child learns at his or her own rate, where effort should be met with sincere praise. Children also participate in regular performances and social gatherings where they are encouraged to support each other’s effort, fostering an attitude of generosity and cooperation.