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Primal Strength

Posted 31 December 2020

The philosophy

Primal Strength is an intelligent, inspiring approach to fitness.The program draws on more than a decade of academic research and direct experience working with elite sports teams and professional strength coaches.We’re never static. Our concept of sports science is constantly evolving - around a cornerstone belief in a proven formula: a blend of conventional and fundamental strength movements executed in a team environment, combined with an effective nutrition plan.Everything we do is results-based, and your progress will be measurable. Through regular monitoring of strength levels, skinfolds, and markers of recovery and readiness, we’ll show you that our approach works.

Who is Primal Strength for?

Our program caters for everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior.Whether a busy executive or stay-at-home parent, aspiring school sports star or teenager just looking to get more active - whatever your background, age or ability we can help you improve your strength, body composition, mobility, confidence and energy.

Our staff

Primal Strength trainers are amongst the highest qualified professionals in the region. We invest heavily in personnel development and education to stay at the top of our game. And, above all, we’re extremely passionate about what we do.

Our facility

With over 4,000 sq ft of the world’s highest quality equipment, we work out of the best training facility in Hong Kong.

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