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Pluvial Plus

Posted 28 September 2020

Proudly serving Hong Kong families for over 5 years with an easy online store and free delivery, Pluvial Plus provides a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to filter regular tap water while simultaneously infusing minerals and increasing Alkalinity. 

Unlike distilled water which is devoid of essential minerals and not inherently healthy, the Pluvial Plus system takes regular tap water. It gives you safe, healthy mineralised, alkaline water that tastes fantastic.
Save Money! Our Starter Kits have everything you need for HKD$1599 and last you about six months for a standard family of four. Replacement parts are also readily available, easy to change, and inexpensive at HKD$295 per filter. 

Every direct website order includes our free 48 hour delivery to any home or office in Hong Kong. And finally, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk if you are not happy.

Gone are the days of spending countless amounts of money on tasteless, unexceptional water.
Order a Pluvial Plus today, an easy to use, cost-effective and attractive filter. It's time to get back to nature, and redefine taste with Pluvial Plus!