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Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre

Posted 1 February 2021

Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre brings you some of the best Muay Thai training in Hong Kong.
With over a decade of experience training clients of all levels, Hanuman provide a comprehensive training programme to target all area of fitness, and provide a variety of classes and training programmes, whether you wish to improve your Muay Thai skills from complete beginner to a competitive standard, or improve your general fitness overall, Hanuman have the programme for you.

Now, with their newly renovated gym, members are able to focus on their individual training and strengthening programmes, or work with one of their ex-Muay Thai champion trainers to work on their technique, mobility and conditioning!

Boasting our 7500 sq ft. facility located in Hung Hom, Hanuman bring the worlds of Thai Boxing and Fitness under one roof to become your one stop solution to improving your fitness, maximize your physical capabilities and expand your horizon in health and wellness.

Our other programs include Yoga for Warriors, Dance fit, FitMoms, Resistance training, and much more with trainers from all around the world, such as Mexico, France, Hong Kong, India, Israel and of course Thailand! 

 “Where fitness is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle”