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Contact Danny Khursigara for your trial coaching session, business consulting, or corporate training

Arrange a FREE TRIAL SESSION with a Certified Life Coach

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unfulfilled in your life or career? Create transformation and double your results in business and life with 1-1 or group coaching programs with one of the top coaches in Asia. 100% money back guaranteed.

What is coaching?

Mostly all high achievers, peak performers and those at the top of their game in their fields have had a coach or mentor to guide them, provide direction, maintain focus and keep them accountable throughout their journey to success.

You’ll find that most successful people are clear about what they want, they’re focused and action oriented and consistently follow success habits and disciplines that lead to achieving their goals. And this is best achieved by having a coach or a mentor by your side.

Danny has had mentors and coaches to guide him too. One of the most prominent of those being Jack Canfield.

Amongst the various things highly successful people do, they realise and acknowledge that training and coaching is primary to help them achieve their goals. A coach helps you:

  • Take your career to the next level
  • Clarify your vision & accomplish your biggest goals
  • Get out of debt – towards financial freedom
  • Increase your time off
  • Build confidence & self esteem
  • Overcome fear of failure and rejection
  • Confront and overcome limiting behaviour patterns that hold you back
  • Maintain focus and accountability
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Improve the quality of your relationships & accomplish your health goals
  • Be more centered and grounded
  • Live more passionately

Danny Khursigara : THE ROAD TO SUCCESS

Download the chapter ‘Being Grounded In The Corporate World’ from the bestselling book “The Road To Success.”

The Road to Success brings together several industry experts to co-author with Jack Canfield (from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and America’s No#1 Success Coach) to help you achieve your goals in career, health and lifestyle. In most instances, it is said that whatever you want to achieve someone somewhere has already achieved it. Instead of reinventing the wheel learn from experiences of the experts to achieve your goals much faster.

Hard copy now available at Bookazine stores in Hong Kong and Amazon & B&N.

Danny Khursigara

More About Danny Khursigara

Danny Khursigara is the founder of FreedomOne International Consulting that specializes in Executive & Success Coaching and Business Transformation.

His expertise lies in helping C-Suite corporate executives (including empowering women), entrepreneurs and organisations create breakthroughs by aligning purpose, passion, vision and goals to achieve success, fulfilment and happiness in business and life as both are intertwined.

He was selected as TOP 100 Authority by Influence Magazine for 2017 as one of Asia’s highly sought after Success Coaches

Danny has been a career banker with over 19 years of multicultural experience in capacities of COO & CFO for Fortune 500 financial institutions across several key locations in Asia Pacific.

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