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Dan Findlay Launches First Solo Exhibition


April 9th 2013: Local musician, producer and club owner reveals hidden talents with new collection of artwork.


Dan Findlay, a Hong Kong-based musician and the man behind popular venues like Midnight & Co. and the Blk Brd reveals his talents as a multimedia artists with his first solo exhibition on at Lightbombs Contemporary, a Hong Kong-based art advisory and exhibition space in Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen.

Findlay’s abstract oil paintings manifest themselves on canvas through textures and forms, creating interestingperspectives, universal for both artist and viewer. His work is emotional, intriguing and inventive incolouring.

In his artist statement, Findlay said: “Media, news, celebrity, commercialism, advertising, music, film, literature, onlineprint, offline, mobile; from every quarter of modern society there is a ceaseless barrage of informationand opinion pouring in with very little opportunity for dialog or reflection. The white noise of contemporarysociety.

“My paintings offer one antithesis – a visual framework that offers space for the viewer to run with their own thoughts -while on the metaphysical level, the works are abstract representations of their own place in amongst the noise. Deliberately ambiguous, projecting nothing more than their own existence back at the viewer; a space in which to think.”

The exhibition, which began on March 16th, has been extended until April 30th due to its popularity. Visits are by appointment only, but everyone is invited to schedule a viewing via email .

For more information, please visit DBFindlay.com

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