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Cute Dogs Swimming, ‘Nuf Said

It’s the Year of the Dog, and dogs are damn cute — especially when they’re enjoying a swim at a pool. So our New Year gift to you is this adorable nugget of video joy called Cookie at the Pool created by Californian videographer Aaron Nathanson.


Nathanson has been living in Hong Kong for the past year, teaching English and freelancing as a photographer and videographer, but in all his travels around our city, he had never heard of a puppy pool until he discovered The Sai Kung New Being Oasis. “When I heard there was a swimming pool just for dogs, replete with boogie boards and doggie life savers, I had to check it out,” he tells Localiiz.

There was only one problem. Nathanson does not own a dog. So then just who is this cute pup in the video?

“Cookie is my friends’ dog, and she’s really a sweetheart. She’s intelligent, smart, and seemed to really love the pool,” Nathanson says. Leash in hand and Cookie in tow, Nathanson set out to document a sunny day at the pool. Shortly after the shoot began, Nathanson experienced something that all dog owners know all too well — the shake.

“The biggest thing I had to watch out for was the wet-dog, full-body, water-ejection dance that happens without warning. The wet pups were like little water bombs that could go off at any moment.”

You wouldn’t know just how hairy the shoot was by the quality of the finished video. The happiness spread across each wet pup’s face is enough to make any viewer smile and that’s exactly what Nathanson was shooting for with this gem. “I want to capture moods, feelings, or emotions, which probably comes from my background as a photographer. I particularly love shooting weddings or other happy events,” he explains.

Well it certainly made us smile. Happy Year of the Dog, Hong Kong!

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