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Complete Deelite is Ready For Christmas

Complete Deelite‘s entire stock of Christmas cake decorating items are available in store now. It’s never too late to get a head start on your Christmas decorating items to make sure you have all the goodies you need to make for your friends and loved ones. This year they are launching the new..

We Bake you Decorate!

Get ready for the holiday season. Host your own decorating party or start making gifts for friends and family. Everyone knows decorating is the best part so why don’t “we Bake and you Decorate!”
Freshly Baked Gingerbread cookies using the classic gingerbread cookie recipe. The aroma of all the spices will fill your room to get you and your friends into the holiday season.
Choice of designs: xmas tree, gboy, stocking
Undecorated GB cookies: $300/dozen
Undecorated GB cookie ornament: $338/dozen

For some Complete Deelite Christmas Treats, click on the button below:

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