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China’s Wacky “Human Hot Pot” Breaks the Internet

Do you love eating hot pot? How about soaking in a hot spring? If the answer is yes to both, then you might want to pay a visit to Hangzhou’s Yunman Hot Spring Hotel in China. Combining our love of dipping food into a boiling pot of flavourful broth, with a good old relaxing soak, this popular hot spring destination is definitely one of the weirdest attractions we’ve ever come across.

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Introducing the ‘Nine-Grid Hot Pot Hot Spring’. Just like a nine-grid hot pot, the hot spring has been divided into a three by three grid, each filled with actual food ingredients including cabbages, bananas, tomatoes, mandarins, chillis, mushrooms, apples, green plums, and sweetcorn.

Yea, it’s weird, but apparently this isn’t the first time the hotel has come up with wacky ideas like this. In fact, just last year, it launched a “Dual Hot Pot Hot Spring” where visitors could soak in two different selection of “broth” – one filled with chillis (ouch) and the other with cabbages. And just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any crazier, it turns out that the hotel even offers food packages, so you can have yourself a meal while soaking in food – it’s inception on a whole new level!

Of course, like any sort of controversial news, people quickly took their concerns to the internet. The main issue that caused a stir (pun intended) was the huge amount of food waste involved in the hot spring attraction, as these ingredients become inedible due to hygiene. It was also pointed out that soaking in ingredients as strong as chillis could easily irritate your skin (especially in sensitive areas, if you know what we mean!). We don’t know about you, but we think we’ll stick with a good old fashioned bubble bath, thank you very much.

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