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Pacha Macau

Summary: Pacha, the club that has enchanted the world since 1967, confirms the continuation of its story with the opening of Pacha Macau at Studio City. The location is home [...]

Honi Honi

Summary: Named after a Polynesian greeting meaning “kiss kiss”, Honi Honi Cocktail Lounge is a veritable haven of elegance and design, serving up fresh cocktails concocted by seasoned drink connoisseur [...]

The Beer Bay

Summary: We understand that “People are looking for the quality taste of beer and like to see good variety”, we therefore import specialty beers directly from different regions of U.K.All [...]

Geronimo Shot Bar

Summary: The newest reincarnation of the infamous Geronimo Shot Bar in Roppongi, Tokyo, home to truly legendary partying and a staff renowned for sometimes out-performing its own customers. Conveniently located [...]
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