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My job as an advisor is much more than just training. I focus on nutrition, therapy, rehabilitation, the brain and advising parents and kids on how to deal with the demands of the college game. I can assist you in every aspect of moving up the ranks in elite hockey.
While some advisors are looking to cut corners to make a buck, I have no interest in taking the easy way out. I constantly put my best foot forward when working with families.Training and advising hockey players is my life. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a kid that comes from my program graduate to the next level that best fits the needs of all parties involved. 

With my primary focus being on helping a young player graduate through hockey’s different ranks I know that it’s a delicate process.If I am your advisor I want you to understand that  it’s not just about the training and therapeutics, but it’s about behavior as well. Aside from being in top shape, it’s about how you look, how you perform and how you behave both in person and on social media. You have to realize that you’re representing yourself, your family and your team. It’s all about perception.

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