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Golden Voice Empowerment


Golden Voice utilises drama, music and theatrical techniques to equip teams and individuals with competencies vital for success.Our fun workshops will enrich you with skills to improve your performance be it in the boardroom or classroom. Participants have won multiple Drama, Speech and Debate Championships across the region.
Our programmes translates performing arts skills and techniques from the entertainment field into creative and practical solutions for communicative, cooperative and collaborative strategies for corporations and institutions. We have programmes ranging from short-term to long-term courses, designed for a wide range of age groups and tailor-made to suit clients' unique needs. Improve your English communication skills through roleplay & drama techniques. Led by one of Hong Kong's leading drama coaches.
We create, personalise and facilitate a fun hour of drama & dance activities that will put your child front & centre at their party.
Unique, engaging Empowerment workshops based on drama & music techniques can improve communication competencies in just one day.
Terrified of face-to-face interviews? Apply these rules of the stage to ensure a great 'performance' every time.

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