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Erth Company: Bam-Ons


Erth Company is a start up green lifestyle company based in Hong Kong founded in 2017. The Bam-On is our first project of many more to come. For every product that we launch, an Erth Element (the recycled bamboo in Bam-On's case) will be embedded to make sure it helps make the earth a better place for all of us.

Hong Kong is the city with the MOST skyscrapers in the world (more than New York City and Dubai by far). While many other cities build their high rises with metal scaffolding, we use Bamboo Scaffolding (竹棚 zuk1 paang4 ), a centuries old building technique that we are most proud of, to build some of the tallest buildings in the world. Each year, more than five million bamboo rods are used by the construction industry. However, due to safety reasons, most of them go straight to the landfills only after one building project.

WE ARE HERE TO MAKE A CHANGE. We turn recycled bamboo rods into the insoles of the most earth friendly slip ons ever.

The Bam-On is made from Recycled Bamboo Scaffolding. The Erth team collect bamboo rods from the construction sites in Hong Kong. We then clean, disinfect and laminate them to turn them into the insoles of the most earth friendly slip ons ever.

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