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Bubble Tea Ramen Has Arrived in Hong Kong & It’s Seriously Weird

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Ask yourself: just how much do you love bubble tea? Enough to dip your ramen in it and eat it for lunch? It’s official: Hong Kong has gone full-blown crazy for bubble tea!

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Taking inspiration from Japan’s recent trend of bubble tea fusion dishes, two ramen restaurants in Hong Kong have recently added a new item on their menus—Bubble Tea Tsukemen ($80). Weird? Yes, definitely. Tasty? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Bubble tea ramen noodles hong kong

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Don’t worry; this dish requires a little more effort than just dumping your average bubble tea into a bowl. Japanese ramen restaurants Menya Musashi and Kanzan Menya create their Bubble Tea Tsukemen with a tuna-based broth mixed with soy milk (please, bear with us here), and the sauce has just the right balance of sweet and savoury, with an added silky texture that mimics bubble tea. Add that to glutinous tapioca balls and a generous peppering of crushed red tea leaves to enhance its fragrance, and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully wacky bubble tea-inspired dish. You’ll even be given a complimentary glass of almond milk to add into the sauce for a more “realistic” taste of bubble tea!

bubble tea ramen noodles

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And what exactly is tsukemen? Tsukemen is a type of ramen dish that requires one to dip their noodles into a separate bowl of sauce before consumption. It is a very popular dish in Japan, as the dipping sauce is usually a lot richer in flavour than your usual ramen broth—so it only made sense that sauce was turned into bubble tea instead, right? 

bubble tea ramen hong kong

Photo courtesy of @girl_eaters

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that this dish has taken over the internet by storm. Available from now until July 14, all Menya Musashi and Kanzan Menya locations in Hong Kong will only be serving 10 bowls of Bubble Tea Tsukemen per day. So if you’ve ever wanted to prove to the world just how much you love bubble tea—now’s the time!

When: Now until July 14
Where: All Menya Musashi and Kanzan Menya Hong Kong locations
How much: $80

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