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Best Online Grocery Delivery Services

Are your kitchen cupboards crying out to be refilled, but the thought of tackling the supermarket crowds is too much to handle? Don’t worry, because grocery delivery services are flourishing in Hong Kong, and are here to ease the burden in one simple click. Whether you’re looking to order set ingredients for a slap-up meal to cook at home, restock your shelves with the basics, or simply fill up your wine cabinet for the weekend, they’ve got you covered.

The Whole Package | Fruit and Vegetables | Meat and Seafood
Set Meals | Don’t Forget the Wine!

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The Whole Package



Sourcing produce from a range of supermarkets and speciality stores, Honestbee delivers everything from fruit to candy, and meat to household essentials. Plus there’s a festival-themed section to make sure you’re prepared for the next celebration. When you’ve filled your online basket, an Honestbee shopper will scoot down to the shops and hand pick the best products for you. Then it’s over to the delivery bee, who will whip your goods to your doorstep during a one hour time slot chosen by you.

Delivery is $60, or free with orders over $250


Fancy some fresh Italian clams? Or keen to try some traditional carasatu bread from Sardinia? These options may not by easy to come by in Hong Kong, but luckily for us Buonissimo is here to save the day. More than just your average deli, they are stocked with products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, snacks and pantry items, as well as a huge selection of cheeses – just pop onto their site and take your pick.

Buonissimo, (+852) 8175 8164 / (+852) 2459 2007
Delivery costs $70, or free with orders over $700

Homegrown Foods

From fruit and veg to meat and dairy, snack and nuts to teas and juices, Homegrown Foods has it all. You can either fill your online basket with individual items to be delivered to your door, or subscribe to a box plan for regular delivery of fruit and veg for the next 3, 12, or 24 months. All produce is grown locally in the northern New Territories of Hong Kong and just across the border in China. Keep an eye on the website for delicious new recipes!

Homegrown Foods, (+852) 2671 2771
Delivery is $100, or free with orders over $458

Jou Sun

If same day delivery is what you need, then Jou Sun has got you covered. Place your order before 12 noon, and their trained team of shopping gurus will hand pick your groceries, and bring them to you before the end of the day. Nestled in the heart of Wan Chai, next to the wet market, and a whole variety of local and specialty shops, Jou Sun has built up a close relationship with many trusted retail partners. From organic treats, courtesy of GroundWorks, to Headtable’s premium meats and seafood, Jou Sun’s online selection covers all the bases.

Jou Sun, (+852) 2219 2192
Delivery costs $60 – $70, or free with orders over $400 – $500 depending on location

Flair Food

Flair Food is exactly what it says on the tin – foods with a flair. Not only do they offer a wide selection of fine foods from all over the world, they also travel the globe to find you the most delicious food and discover world-class chefs who work their magic. So whether you want to razzle dazzle your friends at a dinner party with some Spanish monkfish, or are simply curious to try some blue potatoes, these guys have got you covered.

Flair Food, (+852) 2786 1238
Delivery costs $50, or free delivery for orders over $500

British Essentials

Are you craving some Jaffa Cakes and a packet or two of Monster Munch? With a wealthy range of British grocery brands including Morrisons’ exclusive label range, British Essentials is Hong Kong’s ultimate one-stop-shop for all things British. Whilst a handful of supermarkets in Hong Kong sell a few British grocery items here and there, their prices tend to be rather costly, but at British Essentials you’ll find that most items are sold at a much lower price in comparison, giving shoppers more value for money. Now you have even more reason to stock up on Milkybars!

British Essentials, (+852) 3615 8620
Delivery costs $30, or free delivery for orders over $500

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