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Best Online Grocery Delivery Services – Set Meals

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 Set Meals


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With over 100 unique gourmet recipes, Eatology can satisfy all your specific health needs. Customers can choose from various meal plans such as a low-carb gluten free plan, an Asian-inspired menu, a guilt-free vegetarian programme, or even tailor-made meal plans that can be customised to suite what works best for you – it even comes with a free consultation session with Eatology’s in-house dieticians too!

Eatology, (+852) 2368 6331
Delivery is free for Hong Kong Island, $25 for Kowloon, and varies for New Territories and Outlying islands


Seasonal ingredients? Check. Delicious concoctions of vegetables and free-range meats? Check. Direct delivery to your desk? Check. With biodegradable and compostable packaging, Nosh is not only healthy for you, but for the environment too. Plus, all meals clock in at under 550 calories, which makes it a winning choice every time. Whether you’re after a Two or Three Person Combo to share with your workmates or buddies, or fancy tucking into one of their seven Signature Meals, you’re guaranteed to satisfy your appetite with a few clicks of the mouse. There are some delicious promotions on offer too. With a brand new store opening at 21 Robinson Road and the first ever salad vending machine in Asia (currently located at HKUST), it seems these healthy eating gurus show no signs of slowing down.

Nosh, (+852) 2388 1999
Delivery costs vary with different delivery services

Crave Healthy Food

Take your pick from Crave Healthy Food’s online menu, and simply choose whatever dish you fancy. Freshly made with the best organic products around, you don’t have to worry about long-term meal plan commitments and rigid set meals that don’t suit your taste. Crave allows you to eat whatever and whenever you like, while still keeping to a healthy, nutritious diet.

Crave Healthy Food, (+852) 8193 0087
Contact for more details on delivery prices


Keeping things plain and simple, Mealthy makes your healthy eating habits that much easier. Simply select a meal plan scheme, fill in some standard questions, then Mealthy’s chefs will select the best and season ingredients with adjustments according to your requests. Once that’s done, meals will be packed into accurate portions to help control your nutritional intake, which can be stored in a freezer to keep things safe and fresh. All you need to do is heat the meal up and enjoy!

Mealthy, (+85)2 9565 7765
Contact for more details on delivery prices

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