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Best Online Grocery Delivery Services – Meat and Seafood

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Meat and Seafood

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Farmer’s Market

Why spend hours shopping around for a decent butcher when Farmer’s Market has it all. As Hong Kong’s number one online butcher, Farmer’s Market offers a wide range of quality meats including 100 percent grass-fed beef and lamb, free-range chicken, salmon, duck, and much more. Sourcing only high quality, sustainable, and traceable meat products from Australia and other parts of the world, these folks will deliver whatever meats you’re looking for right to your door step, five days a week. If you order online before 12 noon on a weekday, you’ll even get next day delivery!

Farmer’s Market, (+852) 9556 0070
Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $500

Meat Market

Fancy a steak? Meat Market delivers top quality imported meats throughout Hong Kong. Shop online for the best cuts of beef, lamb, pork, or poultry, and enjoy home delivery from Monday to Saturday. All meat is delivered fresh, so you can choose what you want to eat straightaway and what you want to pop in the freezer for another day. With bulk orders on offer, this is the perfect partner when you’re planning a big BBQ.

Meat Market, (+852) 8135 1394
Delivery costs $30, or free with orders over $500

South Stream Seafoods

Buying fresh meat and seafood in Hong Kong is not always the easiest, and even if you’re brave enough to head down to the wet markets, communicating with the butcher might have you ending up in a bad game of charades. So instead, opt for South Stream Seafoods. Offering the highest quality of fresh meat and seafood, where customers can choose exactly how they want their cut, along with an array of other fresh produce and standard grocery items, these folks know what it takes to be in the business for so long (almost 30 years)! To top it all off, South Stream Seafoods also have their own delivery team to make sure that their customers will always get the freshest imported goods.

South Stream Seafoods, (+852) 2555 6200
Delivery costs $55 on orders over a minimum of $300, and free on orders over $500


If you’re looking for the finer things in life without the heart stopping price tags, Profood is the obvious choice. Sourcing high quality deli and seafood products, from Iberico Bellota to Lobster Sauce, ethical food production and sustainable sourcing are at the very heart of this online delivery service. With $80 off your first order, it would be silly not to browse the rest of the website – pick up some cheese, a bottle of wine or two, and maybe even some kitchen accessories. To top it all off, Profood offer next day delivery so you can admire all your new purchases in the blink of an eye.

Profood, (+852) 2518 8886
Delivery costs $60, or free with orders over $300

Jett Foods

From prime cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork to top-quality, imported seafood at reasonable prices, Jett Foods is a one stop shop for premium food delivered straight to your door. It offers condiments and veggies to go with your meaty treats, and if you don’t know your sirloin from your rib eye, their Meat Manual will help you figure it out. Jett Foods delivers between Monday and Saturday to most areas in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, as well as Tung Chung – and even the Airport!

Jett Foods, (+852) 2428 7832
Delivery costs $70, or free with orders over $600 

Good Chow

If you fancy a flavourful steak, then check out Good Chow, which delivers the “lowest-priced, Premier USDA inspected beef to HK households”. Good Chow takes steak seriously, so much so that it has its own Beef School on its website, bursting with delicious meaty recipes, tips, and juicy videos to get you salivating. Get ready to chow down a steak sandwich!

Good Chow, (+852) 3998 4082
Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $500

Feather & Bone

Launched by the founders of the popular Three Butchers online deli, Feather & Bone brings the same top-quality, 100% grass-fed meat sourced directly from Australian farmers to the heart of Hong Kong. Through its online shop, you can order premium cuts of meat hand-sliced by its butcher as well as a hand-picked selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables imported from Europe and the US.

Feather & Bone, (+852) 2501 5811
Free with orders over $500

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