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Where to Find the Best Locally-Made Kombucha in Hong Kong

Kombucha is a fizzy drink made out of fermented green or black tea that’s chock-full of probiotics and antioxidants. And it isn’t just another passing health fad, either: the drink has roots in China, Japan, and Russia, and had long been known as a health booster prior to its resurgence in popularity in the Western world. Kombucha is particularly good for anyone with digestive issues, or simply as a healthier alternative to booze and fruit juice. There’s an abundance of choices when it comes to imported booches, but if you’ve ever wondered how you can support local businesses while getting healthy, here’s where you can find a bottle of Hong Kong-made kombucha.

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Photo courtesy of @taboocha


Probably the most recognisable kombucha brand in Hong Kong, Taboocha uses organic Chinese tea and organic raw cane sugar to create their small batch of probiotic elixirs. Their fun and unique flavours are injected via cold-pressed juices, fresh herbs, and spices. There are six signature year-round options, as well as three seasonal flavours, our favourites being Geung, a bold infusion of goji berry and ginger green tea, and Woof-Long, a rich oolong sweetened with osmanthus flower and orange peel.

Help save the earth and some cute pooches and return your booch bottles to any of Taboocha’s outlets, and they’ll donate $1 to a dog charity.

You can buy Taboocha online, get it delivered to you via Deliveroo, and at all JustGreen outlets and more.

Photo courtesy of @commissary.hk


The perfect counterbalance to their barbecued and deep-fried delights, Commissary cold-brews and ferments loose leaf tea to create three variations of their bubbly kombucha: Lychee Black, Earl Grey and Peach, and Jasmine Green Tea. There’s also an ever-changing “seasonal expression” option for the more adventurous drinkers, and if you want an after-work tipple with benefits, try the Kombucha Mojito, made with Nusa Caña rum, lemon, mint, green tea kombucha, or the Aperol Kombucha Spritz, with Aperol, Prosecco, and Earl Grey kombucha. 

Commissary, Level 4, Pacific Place, Admiralty | (+852) 2602 0707

Photo courtesy of @kushtahk


Kushta’s kombuchas are made to order in the heart of Hong Kong. They may possibly have the widest range of unique flavours, and they love making your booch fantasies come true with custom brews. Kushta uses locally-grown ingredients when possible, as well as sustainable packaging. Past popular flavours include Passionfruit Hibiscus, Chai Masala, and Custard Apple, and they have rotating weekly specials available to order. Make sure to follow the Instagram page, send a DM, and join the ranks of all the wellness experts and fitness gurus who have given Kushta’s kombuchas their vote of confidence.

Photo courtesy of @foodcraft_hk

Foodcraft Hong Kong

Foodcraft Hong Kong hosts monthly kombucha making workshops at their HQ in Kennedy Town. For just $680 you’ll get a complete home-brewing lesson, including how to flavour your creations and how to maintain the SCOBY*, a ready-to-drink flavoured kombucha, and your very own starter kit. Already know what to do? Order a SCOBY or a starter kit from the Foodcraft site and get your booch on! No time to make your own? Foodcraft also produces their own line of kombucha, called Equinox, available in five crisps flavours. 

Foodcraft HK, Room A, 21F Yiuga Factory Building, 62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town | (+852) 2884 1299

* “What’s a SCOBY?” you ask. SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast, the “mother” that encourages yeast and bacteria growth during the fermentation process.

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