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Headboard for Storage?

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A Look at SCMP Cartoonist Harry Harrison’s Best Hong Kong Satires
May 14th 2014: South China Morning Post (SCMP) cartoonist Harry Harrison is nothing short of a household name in Hong Kong. His column Harry’s View allows us to take a break from the corruption scandals and government failures and encourages us to laugh along with his more light-hearted view of the city’s news.


Blasts From The Past: Vintage Hong Kong Tourism Posters
April 29th 2014: Hong Kong’s streets are always flooded with tourists. And who blames them for coming? Our city is a great one that leaves visitors with unforgettable memories. But how different was Hong Kong for a tourist in the 1950s, compared to the city that we know now?


Adieu My Love – A Videographer’s Romantic Ode To Hong Kong
April 24th 2014: After six years of calling it home, talented videographer Gregory Kane had to bid adieu to our beloved Hong Kong last year. But all was not lost, as the bittersweet goodbye prompted him to create a love letter of the digital generation for the city.


Let’s Break It Down: Hong Kong & Macau ‘City or Country’ Debacle Explained in Stick Figure Video
April 14th 2014: Do you know why Macau and Hong Kong are kind of China but kind of not? YouTube channel CGP Grey breakdown the confusing subject with an funny quick-fire video illustrated by the humble stick figure.


Think Pink – Help Save Hong Kong’s Dolphins from Extinction
April 9th 2014: On April 5th 2014, environmental groups Ark Eden, The Naked Island Project and Living Islands Movement (LIM) joined together to create an ocean memorial. In a protest against the Shek Kwu Chau Mega Incinerator, the team etched each of the 98 dolphins Hong Kong has lost since 2003 into the sand of Lower Cheung Sha beach.


Boxed In: Feeling Small on an Eye-Opening Tour of Hong Kong’s Container Port
April 3rd 2014: Despite dropping from the top spot to the world’s third-busiest port in 2004, Hong Kong’s container port – with 8,500 metres of frontage and a total handling capacity of more than 23 million units per year – is still a presence of gargantuan proportions. We join Hong Kong Yachting on a tour of the Kwai Tsing Terminals and the Rambler Channel.


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