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Etch-A-Sketch: Kong Kai Ming’s Realistic Sketches of Hong Kong
April 15th 2014: Local 82-year-old artist and Bronze Bauhinia Star winner Kong Kai Ming has gained fame in his lifetime for being one of the few famous local artists who was born and educated in Hong Kong. Gaining recognition for his sketches of the city, his work is now being showcased at Cawah Arts Gallery till April 20th.


Weather Treasure – Breathtaking Photographs of Hong Kong’s Weather
April 8th 2014: As seen from the epic storms on March 31st, Hong Kong’s weather can be unpredictable and amazing, all at the same time. Local Hong Kong photographer Hudson Ng (aka Photo by GOD) has managed to capture some brilliantly breathtaking weather wonders that fully showcase the power and beauty of Mother Nature.


The Other Side of Hong Kong – Jeffrey Poon’s Hong Kong Naturescapes
April 2nd 2014: Local and self-taught photographer Jeffrey Poon has gained attention in the Hong Kong community with his unconventional pictures of our city. Instead of focusing only on photographing only the typical city landscape and skyline, Jeffrey ventures out around our vast but small home and captures the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature.


Surreal Photographs of Hong Kong’s Cityscapes
March 24th 2014: Yet another talented photographer has chosen to photograph our magnificent city – and this time, German photographer Jens Fersterra captures Hong Kong in a way that makes it look positively unreal in his series “Hong Kong Cityscapes.”


Tramarama! – Hong Kong’s Tram Evolution
March 10th 2014: Hong Kong’s Tram system is one of the oldest and most iconic transportation systems within our cities history. Thus, it is expected that our trams have gone through a couple of face-lifts over time. Thanks to a wonderful post on Gwulo.com, we’re able to take a look at just how much trams have evolved over time.


The Beauty in Hong Kong’s Urban Architecture
March 3rd 2014: Hong Kong has proven to be the perfect muse for photographers around the world. We’ve stumbled across the work of Gabor Erdelyi from Hungary, and his photographic project titled ‘Urban Lines.’ His project features the architecture of our very own Hong Kong from his visit to the fragrant harbour in 2010.


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