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Everything You Need to Know About Beer We Go

Skip brunch this weekend and head over to Beer We Go festival for a day of indie music and free-flow craft beer. Instead of ordering the staple avocado toast and espresso martini on Saturday and Sunday, here’s your chance to try out new beers from 15 international breweries while jamming out to live tunes. 

Located at This Town Needs, an 18,000 square feet indie music event spot in Yau Tong, Beer We Go will be inviting 10 independent music groups from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong alongside with 15 breweries for a healthy flow of craft beer! 

If you’re eager to let the chugging commence, there is everything from experimental flavours such as guava-yuzu ale with sea salt, to beers with questionable names such as “Juicer Than Thou”  and “Make America Juicy Again”. Craft beer enthusiasts could consider choosing two-day passes to taste test all the beers they have on offer, while non-drinkers have the option to buy full day passes at a discounted rate.

Photo courtesy of Carbon Brews

The festival will be separated into four sessions in the span of two days, with each session lasting for four hours. Each session will be featuring a different type of music—Indie-pop and hip-hop bands will be playing on Saturday, while electronic and lo-fi bands will play on Sunday. 

Photo courtesy of Mary See The Future

Ticket holders will also receive a Beer We Go beer glass so you can fully take advantage of free-flow beer all through the night. Bands and artists include Mary See The Future, a Taiwanese pop-rock group that draws influence from British rock and classical music, and STUTS, a Japanese music producer and trackmaker. 

If craft beer and indie music sound like your kind of thing, then head on over to this page to learn how to score free tickets to the event!

When: July 20–July 21
Where: This Town Needs, 1/F, Ocean On, 6 Shung Chun Street, Yau Tong
How much: $480 for single session tickets, $930 for one-day pass, $1,780 for two-day pass, $600 for day pass without free-flow
Buy your tickets here

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