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Become the Master of Your Mind

Take your business, home life, sport goals, creativity and wellbeing to an altogether more productive and focused level with Angie Tourani, Hong Kong’s only Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and MindScape Instructor.

Angie, a resident practitioner at the Holistic Central Medical Practice, is holding a MindScape seminar on June 15th and 16th at Body & Brain Yoga, Stanley Street, Central. MindScape is a dynamic weekend workshop that provides participants with techniques to open and use the imaginative and intuitive powers of the mind, said to help with focus, clarity, confidence, stress reduction, creativity, conflict resolution and even personal relationships.

The two-day workshop will ask the questions, “how often do I reach my limits,” and “would I like to change the results.” From there, you learn step-by-step visualisation tools and techniques to access the under-used right side of the brain; the creative, intuitive and imaginative side. The methods are said to induce a relaxed state of mind, allowing a greater flow of creativity and production that can be used in every day life.

MindScape is suitable for all ages and no previous experience is required. Previous attendees of Angie’s MindScape seminars have included healthcare workers, therapists, business professionals, athletes and those looking to improve their life’s potential. Monique Ho, a former MindScape student, said, “I feel empowered and confident all the way around. My confidence is limitless after each session. My life now is the happiest I could ever imagine.”

Unlike meditation, Angie says anyone can understand, use and benefit from MindScape techniques. She added, “Most of us use only a fraction of our mind’s capabilities, simply because we have been taught not to. MindScape taps into the mind that is unused and enables you to get more out of life. By training these faculties of the mind, we can achieve so much more than we thought possible.”

The Mindscape Seminar takes place on June 15th from 2-8pm and June 16th from 10am-6pm, and costs HK$4900 per person. To find out more or to book a place, call 6683 5755 or email Angie


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