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Art Attack: Funky Mexican Brickhouse gets Creative with a Live Art Jam and Illustration Competition

April 14th 2014

If you think guacamole and graffiti couldn’t possibly go together, think again! Central’s wildly popular Mexican joint Brickhouse is doing its bit to support the local creative scene by hosting a live art jam this weekend followed by an illustration competition.

The Brick Art Jam, as the event is called, will see an “art attack” carried out on the restaurant’s main wall by a team of local creatives lead by super-cool designer/cartoonist Jason Caldwell. Everyone is invited to watch and interact with the crew during the makeover – taking place from 10:30pm until late on Saturday April 19th – and there will of course be plenty of tacos and tequila on hand to keep the creative juices flowing.

Going forwards, Brickhouse will also be running an illustration competition (with the irresistible prize of a HK$10,000 Brickhouse tab up for grabs!), in celebration of their new taco menu. Local artists are invited to create work inspired by the new taco names: the Prawn Star (prawn taco), Fat Man Dancing (pork belly taco), Protein Pancake (beef taco), the Give a Cluck (chicken taco), the Spicy Nemo (fish taco) and the Steve Jobs (vegetarian taco).

Prawn Star (Prawn Taco)


Based on how well the “spirit and energy” of Brickhouse is depicted, a winning illustrator will be chosen by a panel of judges made up from the artists taking part in Brick Art Jam. The winner will be featured as the restaurant’s ‘Artist of the Month’, which will see their work showcased at Brickhouse and across its social media.

Submissions will be accepted via email (info@maximalconcepts.com) until May 10th 2014, so whether you’re a professional artist or not, arm yourself for the art attack with tequila and tacos galore and let your inner illustrator out!

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