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Save the Date … Arnie’s Coming to Town!

It’s time to flex those muscles because the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Hong Kong.

The Austrian-American movie star and former professional bodybuilder is bringing the world’s largest annual multi-sports festival, Arnold Classic, to Asia for the first time. From August 19 to 21, Arnie will bring global and local sports stars together for a weekend of action-packed fun at AsiaWorld-Expo.

The debut festival will feature unique, non-stop sports competitions and interactive workshops in over 20 sports, including weight lifting, rugby, cycling, skip rope, martial arts, and even yoga. Mind sports such as chess and Rubik’s Cube will also be thrown into the mix.

Established in the US back in 1976, the three-day event aims to promote and celebrate sports, fitness, and health for all the family and has drawn half a million attendees from around the world in the last year alone.

The star of blockbuster hits such as the Terminator series, and Commando, has now set his sights on Hong Kong to teach them a thing or two about working out.

“Fitness teaches you things you could never learn in a classroom or boardroom. Fitness is a way of life. I cannot wait to get to Hong Kong for the first Arnold Classic Asia. It will be unbelievable. Join my fitness crusade. I’ll see you in Hong Kong!”

Until then, it’s “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Tickets are now available for $150 to $255 via Ticketflap.

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