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Advertising Sizes and Specifications

Localiiz’s monthly marketing plans comprise 3 elements:

  1. Continuous exposure – Directory listings and in-content banner advertising
  2. Promotional shared exposure – Facebook shared carousel advertising and organic posts, email newsletters, articles. See the schedule.
  3. Exclusive exposure  – Exclusive Facebook advertising campaigns, articles, EDMS and Highlights & Offers

The extent of exposure depends on the marketing plan chosen by the client. Please talk to our sales team about options.

Directory listing

Fast facts:

  • Directory slider image size – size 602px x 372px
  • 500 words
  • Video optional (provide URL)
  • Map location

Please see this page for full details on setting up your directory listing page.

Banner advertising

In-content banner advertisement based on category.

Note that these banners rotate. Banner advert can link to your website (please provide URL), or to your directory listing.

  • Business Builder & Platinum+ – 620px (wide) x 140px (tall) (top content)
  • Platinum – 300px (wide) x 250px (tall) (upper content)
  • Gold – 180px (wide) x 150px (tall) (footer area)
  • Silver – N/A

View adverts in an article for easy reference.

Other banner sizes

Directory listing page

  • Directory slider image size – size 602px x 372px

Email newsletter banner

  • 600px (wide) x 135px (tall) *

 * this size is the same proportion as the Business Builder and Platinum+ Banner for easy resizing.

Please provide URL for click through.

Sitewide top banner (for promotions)

  •  728px (wide) x 90px (tall)

Facebook promotions

Promoted clients

Client adverts/cards appear in a shared Facebook carousel  posts. We provide both paid exposure, targeting Localiiz’s fans and website visitors as well as ‘lookalikes’, and organic exposure on the Localiiz Facebook page.

The paid Facebook campaigns last 5 days and change weekly; the organic posts are posted weekly and the reach depends on the Facebook algorithm.

See an example(hint: scroll down in your newsfeed to see a carousel advert highlighting sport and fitness articles).

Please provide artwork at:

  • 1080px x 1080 px square

Note that Facebook ‘recommends’ using minimal text on images used for Facebook paid posts.  In fact, Facebook penalises advertisers where there is ‘heavy’ (more than 20% including logos) text coverage by providing less audience reach. Note that each client advert/card has a headline below the image and a call to action button.

Promoted articles

As part of our promotional schedule to bring more traffic to the website and to specific categories, we highlight popular articles, by category, using paid Facebook advertising campaigns. These campaigns last for 5 days and change weekly. Please see an example of a promoted article campaign here (hint: scroll down in your newsfeed to see a carousel advert highlighting sport and fitness articles).

Email Marketing

Industry-related / category email newsletters

We are currently running a series of Monday email newsletter campaigns, based around a category theme such as ‘Style & Beauty’ or ‘Home’. These campaigns are scheduled on a rotating basis so that each category gains exposure on a bi-monthly basis. Newsletters include articles and a spotlight on clients in that category. Platinum plan clients and above receive a text excerpt and image; gold and silver plan clients receive a banner box at the bottom of the newsletter. Please see examples at the links below.

Weekly Digest emails newsletter

Every Wednesday, Localiiz sends out a newsletter featuring the best articles from the week, as well as the popular Weekend Ahead planner. Note that the best articles will usually include articles that feature clients, either in the editorial or as banner adverts.

Email advertising banner size:

  • 600px (wide) x 135px (tall) *

 * this size is the same proportion as the Business Builder and Platinum+ Banner for easy resizing.

Highlights & offers

Please visit the Highlights & Offers page for reference. If you would like to feature a highlight (eg an event, launch, etc) or offer, please email details to customerservice1@localiiz.com.

  • Featured image – 660px (wide) x 330px (tall)

We also feature several highlights and offers in a Facebook carousel most Mondays. As you can see the image is 1080px x 1080px square. We can simply use your featured image (as above) and add your logo to it below to create a square shape, or you can provide artwork in the 1080px square dimension.

Shared and exclusive articles

Shared articles

  • Retro-adding to popular articles: When a client joins a marketing plans, we review whether they can be “retro-added” into any of our popular articles, for example 12 Best Nail Salons in Hong Kong or Best Online Grocery Delivery Services. These pages often benefit from organic search traffic, and/or they are promoted via our paid Facebook campaigns, for example this is a campaign promoting ‘home category’ articles.
  • Seasonal articles: We will review if we can add a client to an upcoming seasonal article, for example, Best Father’s Days Gifts, Easter Camps, or similar. Please let us know if your business does anything special based around any seasonal celebrations or events.
  • Themed roundups: Another shared article type is where we may spotlight a topic, such as Men’s Fitness, or ‘Cool chairs’ so that we can provide clients with exposure.

Exclusive articles

  • 5-Minutes withDo you have an interesting passion that we can interview you about? Let us know.
  • How to… Do you have expertise that would be of interest to our readers. Readers love getting tips on how to do anything better, avoid common Hong Kong pitfalls, and save money!
  • Opinion… Would you like to share your opinion on any topic?
  • Launch, new product, new service… These articles have to be produced with care. If they are perceived as overly promotional, they will receive little interest from readers and may not get a good SEO score. Please discuss with us so that we can work out the best way to highlight your new product or service.



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