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Advertising FAQ

What is a Facebook Carousel?
Business Facebook Carousel
Click to see a ‘live’ example of a carousel advert in your Facebook newsfeed.

Benefit of ‘Business Builder’ and ‘Platinum’ marketing packages.

  • A Facebook ‘carousel’ is a tool Localiiz uses to provide additional exposure for its premium clients either by being posted onto our Facebook Fanpage for organic reach, or through Facebook’s powerful advertising dashboard where we advertise to relevant audiences over a five-day campaign.
  • Up to five client ‘cards’ can appear in the carousel. Alternatively, Business Builder clients are entitled to one exclusive  Facebook advertising campaign each year, which can be a carousel or single-image type advert.
  • Interested Facebook users can click on the arrow to see more services
  • Each card clicks to the client’s directory landing page on Localiiz’s site
  • Facebook randomly rearranges the order of the cards so that no single client gains more exposure. Localiiz closely monitors the performance to ensure each client  gets equal exposure.

For example, the carousel shown on this page features home service and produce related clients so we select to target the advert at Facebook users who have previously visited ‘home’ related articles on our website. In this way, we ensure that only relevant information appears in our web visitors Facebook newsfeeds, which means that they have a more positive experience relating to Localiiz, and that they are more inclined to click on the adverts for more information.

What is SEO?
I just spotted an email where the term ‘we also gain our SEO from Facebook.’ was used. This is wrong.
SEO – search engine optimisation. which is where a website is well set up (optimised – eg. mobile friendly, fast, readable, quality, up-to-date content)  so that search engines like Google and Yahoo are confident that if they show our articles in search engine results pages (SERP), they will be delivering a good user experience to their customers – ie people using search.
We DO gain a lot of traffic from Facebook but our traffic from search engines has been growing significantly and this is important because it means that these pages receive visitors without us having to do anything. Banner adverts o these pages will receive a constant flow of traffic.
How does Localiiz get visitors to its website and other platforms from?

There are several ways that visitors find their way to our website or onto our social media platforms:

  • Facebook Fanpage newsfeed – we have over 68k Facebook fans so whenever we publish an article on our website, we also post that article on our Fanpage where readers can click through to the original article on our website  read more. We also do this for sponsored articles, a paid service.

  • Google/ Yahoo/Bing search – because our goal is to help people get the most out of living in Hong Kong we produce articles, covering a wide range of topics, that answer people’s Hong Kong questions. What this means is that when people search online, more often than not, a Localiiz article will pop up to answer that question. ie, our website is search engine optimised (SEO friendly)

  • Events – We work closely with many event organisers to gain exposure at strategic events where we know our readers and potential readers will be. Such events include Soccer 7s, Arnold Classic, The Maternity Fair, Prestige Fairs, Spanish October, Art Central, General Assembly’s Made in Hong Kong week, TakeOut Comedy Club, Punchline Comedy Club, the Beach Festival and many other events. By making people aware of what we do, we encourage people to check us out online.

  • Newsletters – Many people on visiting our website sign up to receive our weekly newsletter roundup of the best of Localiiz’s articles via sign up forms on our website and on Facebook. Our mailing list is currently at 18k and growing daily and we definitely see a surge of website visitors after we send out the newsletter. Have you signed up?

  • Advertising – We think targeted Facebook advertising is extremely powerful so we use it to market ourselves! Using Facebook and Google, we ‘advertise’ our best stories and our directory categories to people who have previously visited our website, or who are Facebook fans as well as targeting new audiences. We’re also using mini-bus advertising – so watch out for the Localiiz minibus.

  • Online networking – From mums to jazz lovers, there are Facebook groups to suit almost every interest and demographic, so where better to share links to relevant Localiiz articles?

Other – Although not yet as powerful as the tactics listed above, we are actively promoting and growing our Instagram and Twitter presence.

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