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A Toy Story – Hong Kong Scenes come to Life through LEGO

‘Rubber Duck Fever’ By Ric Tse


Hong Kong-based photographer Ric Tse has come up with a whole new way to pass social commentary on the city. In a project that proves the bounds of imagination are limitless when it comes to art, Tse has reconstructed distinctly recognisable Hong Kong images using LEGO.

‘Under Cover’ By Ric Tse


In a bid to remind us that a child exists in each of us, Tse juxtaposes the naivety of the toys against the real-life Hong Kong scenes, some of which are charmingly innocent and others of a distinctly political nature.

‘Beating the Little People’ By Ric Tse


Speaking to Localiiz, Tse said, “I believe a photographer’s most important mission is to record things and to pass this on to future generations. Through the universal appeal of LEGO, I hope to record and display the uniqueness of Hong Kong’s culture, and to do this with a touch of humour.”

‘Mini Marathon’ By Ric Tse


The work will be displayed by the Picture This gallery at this year’s hotly anticipated Affordable Art Fair (March 21st – 23rd). Speaking about Tse, Picture This founder Christopher Bailey said, “I think his work is poignant and topical – it captures Hong Kong in an apparently amusing manner but several of his pictures also carry a more political and social commentary.”

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‘One Country, Two Systems?’ By Ric Tse


As author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in his popular children’s book The Little Prince, All grown-ups were once children – although few of them remember it.” Thanks to Tse for bringing some playful creativity back into our lives!

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