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8 Talented and Inspiring Hong Kong Illustrators You Need To Know

Small as our living rooms may be, we’re all partial to a little eye candy from time to time. And what better way to adorn our walls than with a picture-perfect depiction of the city we call home? Hong Kong boasts some serious home-grown talent when it comes to art, with each artist offering their own unique style. From pop-art to stencil work, to reimagined map work, these are our favourite illustrators around the city.

Image via Facebook / Penguin Lab


Kongkee is credited with illustrating the album artwork for Blur’s 2015 album, The Magic Whip, producing a standalone comic book that chronicled the band’s adventures through the city. The co-founder of Penguin Lab is known for putting a unique Hong Kong spin on his publications, featuring – among other creations – a magical mystery Mr Softee van and an electric guitar playing Cantonese opera superhero. Wacky and totally wonderful, this is one Hong Kong artist who is definitely worth checking out.

Image via Miles of Happiness

Marie Pottiez

French-born illustrator and graphic designer Marie Pottiez is a perpetual traveller and runs a helpful blog called Miles of Happiness, which is based on her travels with her husband and son. A series of beautiful hand-drawn travel-inspired creations, ranging from postcards and notebooks to custom illustrations, is available on her website. We adore her collection of sketches of Hong Kong streets and city scenes that we often find ourselves stumbling upon in the 852. Be sure to follow Marie on Instagram too!

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Image via Etsy / Kitty N. Wong

Kitty Wong

Fashion illustrator and artist Kitty Wong has been commissioned by big, international brands such as Dior and Maybelline New York, but it’s her Hong Kong inspired creations that have captured our hearts. The Hong Kong-born, Canada-raised creative has been illustrating professionally since 2012. Her pithy prints and play on words – Madame Bao and Miss Fishball are firm favourites – are available from her online Etsy store.

Image via Facebook / Donmak & Co

Don Mak

A born and bred Hong Konger, Don left school at the age of 16 to pursue his artistic endeavours. Since then, his illustrations and artworks have been featured in collaborations with hotels, cosmetic brands, local magazines, and more. Don’s illustrations depict everyday life and culture, buildings, and street scenes in Hong Kong which we’ve come to know and love.

Image via Facebook / Zlism

Zoie Lam

After years in the fashion industry, Zoie made a foray in the world of illustration. Better known by her alias, Zlism (a play on words using her initials), Zoie is an illustrator and fashion designer, but even if you don’t know her by name, you’ll likely have seen her works around the city. A recent mural for non-profit arts organisation HKwalls sits pride of place on Sheung Wan’s Square Street. Many of Zoie’s illustrations carry with them a message of positivity, bringing a smile to the faces of those who encounter them.

Image via Facebook / Rickubic – Rick Lo Illustration


Rick Lo, or Rickubic, as he is known, is an illustrator known for his bold line work. Having relocated from Australia to Hong Kong, he puts a fresh spin on everyday iconic Hong Kong sites such as the Star Ferry and red minibuses, with the odd pithy social commentary thrown in for good measure. A number of his creations are available to purchase from his online Etsy store for a very reasonable price.

Image via Instagram / kennylsp

Kenny Leung

Working in the mediums of drawing, painting, and print work, Kenny Leung has a fascination with Hong Kong architecture and cityscapes which has led him to reimagine and piece buildings back together in the shapes of mammals, sea life, and more abstract concepts. His work invites people to re-examine the things they see every day, and to challenge what you see at first glance, appealing to those with a creative imagination who enjoy a touch of the surreal.

Image via Facebook / Art of Jonathan Jay Lee

Jonathan Jay Lee

Jonathan Jay Lee‘s illustrations have lined the city’s walls of Hong Kong and reached international audiences, as he lists HSBC, Lee Kum Kee, and Marvel Comics among his clients. The Taiwanese-American artist now lives and works in Hong Kong, and also works as a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design (better known as SCAD). His richly coloured works illustrate life beneath the neon lights.

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