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7 Ridiculous and Hilarious Hong Kong TV Commercials We Love

Whether it’s on the TV in between your favourite show, interrupting your Youtube rabbit hole, or randomly appearing on your social media feed, the constant repetition of commercials intertwined in our daily lives makes it impossible for us to ignore them. And while most adverts are annoying, or at the very best, give us just the right amount of time to pop to the toilet or put the kettle on, some of them are just downright genius. From tissue paper to broadband services, here are some of our favourites that are guaranteed to get a few chuckles out of you.

Gleneagles Hospital

Tempo Tissues

What you’re ideal type of guy, ladies? A macho man? Someone who’s cute and sweet? A romantic? Or a man who can smash open a coconut using his skull, without passing out from concussion? Whatever it is you’re looking for, the key is finding the right fit – you know, just like Tempo tissues which tuck away neatly in your handbag.


Follow the heart-wrenching story of when the world-famous Mannings cat faces the downfall of sudden fame. Don’t worry, we promise it has a happy ending.

Hong Kong Broadband Network

Remember the old days when you had to connect to the internet using dial-up? It was about as slow as a Mexican wrestler, an Egyptian, a pirate, and the Power Rangers all trying to crawl through the same narrow pipe. Yeah, it’s silly we know, but it makes so much sense!


You can prepare for many things in life, but nothing can prepare you for the heart-pounding thrill of a jewellery shop robbery – that is, unless you plan a rehearsal run first. We’re not entirely sure what this has to do with a probiotic dairy product, but who cares – it’s too ridiculous not to love!


When harmless flirtation in a wet market gets out of hand, the jealous butcher’s wife had no choice but to attack her offending hubby with leftover fruits and vegetables. That’s one way to get rid of unsold produce we guess, but did you know that more than 90 percent of wet markets owned by real estate investment trust, Link REIT, can help shop owners recycle unwanted food items that don’t get sold?

Tai Hing

When the internet pointed out that local singer/songwriter Eric Kwok resembles Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr, Chinese restaurant Tai Hing jumped at the chance to “milk” it in this Marvel-lous parody. After all, being a superhero isn’t always about fighting the bad guys and saving the world, it can also be about sitting down at a cha chaan teng to enjoy a nice cup of ice cold milk tea!


What do you get when you put Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and Vladimir Putin together? A viral internet sensation, that’s what! If you thought controversial political leadership was the only thing they had in common, think again. Apparently, they also share the same Wilson mobile phone.

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