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7 Hong Kong Transportation Apps You Need to Download

Want to find the quickest way out of the MTR station during rush hour? Or get the latest updates on traffic news? Perhaps you urgently need to jump in a taxi? Whatever transport troubles you’re having, these useful mobile apps will help you out.

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1. HKTaxi

Of course there are plenty of taxi apps out there, but we can confidently say that the HKTaxi app is by far the best. Available in both Chinese and English, simply enter your location, phone number, along with anything you wish to notify the driver, then tap on “Get a Taxi”, and the app will begin to search for the nearest available taxi. The app also has a real-time tracker so you can see where your driver is and the estimated time of arrival. With the HKTaxi app on your phone, you no longer have to fight off barging old ladies trying to steal your cab!

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play

2. HK Taxi cards

Ever hopped onto a taxi only to end up in a game of charades because you and the driver can’t understand each other? Well, the Hong Kong Taxi Cards app can solve that. With more than 9,000 Hong Kong addresses translated into Cantonese, you can search and browse your destination by category, save the address, and request additional addresses to be added in. So you can pretty much get around everywhere, without having to worry about any communication issues ever again.

Download for $15 on the App Store or Google Play

3. MTR Mobile

Hong Kong’s MTR system is relatively easy to understand, but did you know that the MTR Mobile app can offer you so much more than just travelling time and train fares? With handy information such as which exit to take, where to shop, what services to find inside each station, traffic news, and so much more, this app has everything you need.

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play

4. PokeGuide

PokeGuide is basically your MTR app on steroids. Not only does the app tell you which exit is closest to your destination, which carriage door to board the train for the quickest escape, and which side of the doors will open, it also has panorama maps that enable effortless transit in maze-like stations that you’re not so familiar with. Not only that, there’s also an AR feature where you can type in where you want to go and arrows will appear on the screen indicating which way you should go to reach your destination. As an added bonus, you can choose different travelling modes such as Quickest, No-stairs, and Lift-only, making it super handy for those with large luggage, pregnant women, or wheelchair users.

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play

5. 1933 – KMB/LWB

If you live in Kowloon, this bus app is one you can’t be without. With just a few taps on your phone, you can find the nearest bus stop, an estimated time of arrival for each bus, journey times, and which stop to get off at. There’s also the option to bookmark specific bus routes and locations so you can easily navigate the app. Even if you don’t exactly remember the bus route number (there are so many!), the smart bus route keyboard can automatically predict which bus you’re looking for. Perfect for those who need a little guidance around the Kowloon area.

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play

6. CitybusNWFB

CitybusNWFB provides specific information on Hong Kong Island buses. While the app is not as sophisticated as the KMB app, it does have a few functions that stand out. For example, you can choose to push the “red light” at a certain bus stop within the app, and a push notification will be sent to you to remind you that it’s time to get off. The app also gives you a street view image of what each bus stop looks like, which can be particularly useful if you don’t remember where you’re supposed to get off.

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play

7. HKeMobility

Now, instead of having all these different transportation apps on your phone, having them gathered in one single app sure makes things a lot easier, and that’s exactly what the HKeMobility app does. Providing you with commuting routes on various public transport, journey times and fares, as well as real-time traffic news, the app lets you arrange your traveling route more efficiently and with ease.

Download for free on the App Store or Google Play


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