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5 Tips to Save Money on Hong Kong Public Transport

The cost of travelling around the city can really add up – especially if you commute every day or have lots of visitors to meet at the airport. That’s why we’re always on the look out for ways to save. Here are a few of our favourites.

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1. Tap Before Disembarking

Did you know that you don’t have to pay for a whole bus journey on some routes if you get off before the full fare kicks in? If you’re only going a few stops, you may be able to tap your Octopus card on the way out and watch as money is actually added back to your card! We found this works when we get off the bus before the final segment of charges begins. Click here to see if you can save on your bus route.

2. Take the Airport Express in Groups

The single journey ticket would normally run you $100 but you can save if you travel with a friend or two. Trips from Hong Kong to the airport range from only $85 per person for two travellers to $70 per person for a group of four.

3. $2 Concession Scheme for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens aged 65 or above and eligible persons with disabilities can travel on designated public transport modes for only $2 per trip any time thanks to a government Scheme which aims to help build a caring and inclusive society. Modes of transport include the MTR, buses, minibuses, and ferries, and more details can be found here.

4. Fare Saver Stations

The MTR installed 31 little stations around the city to save you money, up to $2 per day to be exact, with a simple tap of your card. The only problem is you may be missing one on your next journey if you don’t know where they all are. Luckily we do, and here’s a complete list.

5. AsiaWorld-Expo on the Cheap

Going to AsiaWorld-Expo to catch the latest gig? Well then, you can travel for as little as $60, same day return from Hong Kong Station as long as you have proof that you’re going to an event. Just flash them your gig ticket and save some bucks.

Happy saving Hong Kong!

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