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10 Quirky Hong Kong Superstitions

It’s Friday the 13th – the unluckiest day in Western superstition. But while our neighbours are doing everything they can to avoid breaking mirrors, crossing black cats, or talking to left-handed or ginger people (we’re not even kidding), Hong Kongers have other ideas in mind. Here are 10 of the quirkiest superstitions in the 852 …

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1. If you whack someone with a broom, you’ll get bad luck and go on to ruin your own life (well that’s karma for you!)

2. Having a beard is an absolute no-no. Moustache? Yeah okay, but only if it’s neat.

3. Never stick chopsticks into your food, especially your bowl of rice, as it’s not only seen as impolite, it also brings bad luck as the upright chopsticks resemble incense sticks burning at a tomb for the dead.

4. If a baby is crying for no discernible reason, it means that there are ghosts around.

5. Avoid opening your umbrellas indoor because spirits live inside umbrellas.

6. Don’t clip your toe or finger-nails at night (or on the MTR), it attracts ghosts.

7. If you point at the moon with a single digit, the tips of your ears will fall off.

8. Don’t keep a turtle encaged. It will slow your business affairs down (see what they did there?)

9. Animals can see spirits, so if your pet dog barks or howls at a corner for seemingly no reason, it might have seen spirits moving there.

10. Don’t marry someone who is either three or six years older/younger than you, it’s bad luck.

Do you know any other strange or interesting superstitions – Chinese or otherwise? Let us know!

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