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10 Instagrammers Who Will Inspire You to Travel with Your Kids

Who says having kids means saying goodbye to travels, staying at home, and spending your holidays by the pool? Excellent photography, fun adventures, and good vibes are all part of the package for these inspiring and adventurous families to follow on Instagram, as guest blogger Miles of Happiness explains.

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It’s interesting how so many people think that starting a family means an end to traveling, when for others it’s actually the best excuse to explore the world. As a mother living in Hong Kong, I cannot wait to show the beauty of the world to my son Noah and to travel as a trio. So pack the nappies and comfort blankets, because it’s time to get inspired by these adventurous families on Instagram.

The outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike

This globetrotting family hikes all over the world, bringing back a collection of great photos with a fabulous vintage kind of aesthetic. Perfect photographs in stunning locations — what better reason to follow their adventures!

The happy family and its colorful explorations

Julien, Miki, Teo, and Lia’s travels will make you want to travel with them! This family surely knows how to share their emotions — they look so freakin’ happy all the time! I’m in love with their happy vibes, and their fun photographs filled with positive energy.

The family of travelers who appreciate the slow life

This family travels to some extraordinary destinations with their kids, staying with the locals in Tibet, hiking in Jordan, and exploring Sichuan. The girls have this amazing communicating energy that will make you feel like buying a ticket and taking your own little ones off to new adventures, RIGHT NOW, to well … anywhere!

 The tribe and their beach lifestyle

Kelly, Aaron, and Hudson have just moved from Los Angeles to Cambridge in the UK. They are in search for paths less wandered, which often leads them to strolling barefoot in the sand, being constantly cradled by the rhythm of the waves. Great photos and use of light.

 The trio and its exotic adventures in Asia

After six years exploring the world as a couple, a baby boy has joined the tribe! It’s a whole new adventure that begins now, starting with a trip under the sun in CambodiaWanderlust at its best!

The family and its road trips on the west coast

Based in Michigan, Josh, Care, Remy, and Jade spend as much time as possible on the road, mainly exploring the West. Something about the mountains and shorelines seems to be magnetic to them — it’s not hard to see why when you check out their beautiful shots.

The family and its crazy long-term travel lifestyle

They got out of debt, moved their businesses online, and sold everything they owned to travel the world as a family. I love the simple joy in their photos — beautiful!

The digital nomad family and their beautiful journey

They’ve been traveling since their first baby was just seven weeks old. Now the family has expanded with baby number two, and they keep on exploring! Perfect family travel inspiration.

The Belgian family and its expat life in Africa

We discovered Sophie’s Instagram while planning our trip to Cape Town. She seems like she’s having the time of her life exploring Africa with her family. Since we follow their adventures, they keep on inspiring us to explore this continent deeper — with our little tribe of course!

The family of travelers and its happy vibes

Mom of two kids, Caroline, shares her travels in a colorful photo gallery full of life. A fun assortment of outdoorsy and sunny destinations. A brilliant account!

Happy travels, families!

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