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Team Building Asia

A leading team building provider in Asia with first-class reputation for its design and delivery of innovative, team-building solutions to multinational corporations in a wide range of industries. We don't just facilitate programmes, we work with you at inception and through extensive follow-up & feedback long after the programme. We create value throughout the entire experience.

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Managed by a crew of experienced and professional facilitators, our inspiring programmes can be tailored to an individual organisation’s specific requirements. With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai and a complete team of experienced English, Cantonese and Mandarin facilitators, we are fully equipped to hold team building events across the entire Asia Pacific region.

Our Products / Services

  • Flat Out Afloat by Team Building Asia

    Flat Out Afloat

    A most novel and unique 'build your own boat' concept! http://goo.gl/Gze7xd

  • Go Team by Team Building Asia

    Go Team

    Immerse your teams in an exhilirating hi-tech city treasure hunt operated on hand-held tablets http://goo.gl/rBdauI

  • Rat Trap by Team Building Asia

    Rat Trap

    This is "Mecano' for adults - build a giant series of contraptions and a chain reaction to "trap" the rat!

  • Need 4 Speed by Team Building Asia

    Need 4 Speed

    Bring "Top Gear" to the table top in this fun and frenetic car assembly exercise that will drive stronger process improvement within teams.

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