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International Tutors Ltd

Our focus is on customization and adaptability. The purpose of private tuition is to focus on the students needs and to raise their standards to their full potential. Our tutors do not use rigid lesson plans but develop a customized iterative programme for every one of our students following our Learning and Development Programme (LDP).

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Our Products / Services

  • Highly Customized Tuition by International Tutors Ltd

    Highly Customized Tuition

    We focus on Holistic Education using our Learning and Development Programme to tutor across all major subjects. See website for details.

  • Education Consultancy by International Tutors Ltd

    Education Consultancy

    We work closely with students to pick and assist their entry to the best overseas schools and universities.

  • Personal Success Profile (PSP) by International Tutors Ltd

    Personal Success Profile (PSP)

    The PSP is the essential backbone for assessing students’ needs for their educational success at senior secondary and tertiary level.

  • Performance and Development Coaching by International Tutors Ltd

    Performance and Development Coaching

    Our coaching brings about across the board improvements in students' performance by developing self-generation so that they want to succeed.

  • Mock Exams by International Tutors Ltd

    Mock Exams

    We provide a mock exam service to give students practice under exam conditions, giving them greater confidence & focus for their live exams.

  • Editing and Proofreading (EPR) by International Tutors Ltd

    Editing and Proofreading (EPR)

    Through our EPR service, we can provide feedback on content, amend technical errors and improve the writing style and grammar of your work.

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