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Gym Bangarang

GYM BANGARANG is an opened, but covered gym facility set on the edge of authentic rice fields overlooking 360 degrees of mountain ranges.We are located in Chiang Mai. The #1 tourist destination Our programs include: Muay Thai Training, Fitness Bootcamps, Weightloss Bootcamps

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Hours 7am - 8pm
Also Under Fitness Retreats, Martial Arts, Sports & Wellness, Thai Boxing
Well known USA MMA trainer - BK formerly 13 coins Bangkok
Professional Muay Thai trainer with 30 fights under his belt
Chiang Mai Rice Fields Surroundings
Muay Thai | MMA | Fitness Holiday Bootcamps

Our 7 day fitness bootcamp is the most popular of all our bootcamp holidays in Thailand. What you’ll come to find is there’s really no such thing as a ‘typical’ day at BeastFit Asia. While our general schedule stays the same, the activities and training are always changing yet still centered on our core philosophy of fun and fitness.

Our Products / Services

  • Muay Thai Training Camp by Gym Bangarang

    Muay Thai Training Camp

    Join us for a weekend, a week or even a month. Traditional Muay Thai Training Camp We focus on personalised and small group training in a team atmosphere. We an organise fights for you at the stadium in Chiang Mai. Our trainers are professional fighters.

  • Fitness and Weightloss Bootcamp Holidays by Gym Bangarang

    Fitness and Weightloss Bootcamp Holidays

    Press-ups in Paradise! Are you ready to kickstart your fitness and weightloss? Join one of our all-inclusive packages. Each day we offer different activities like Cardio Tennis, Muay Thai, Kettlebells, TRX, indoor rockclimbing, Sightseeing Activities in Chiang Mai.

  • Facilities by Gym Bangarang


    2 Soccer Fields Punching and kicking bags Free Weight area Kettle bells, plates, balls, TRX bands, Battle Ropes Cross Fit Station & Pull-up Bars Mountain Bikes Boxing Gloves, Shorts, and Kick Pads Mirrored walls Fight

  • Accommodation on-site by Gym Bangarang

    Accommodation on-site

    Our accommodation boasts lovely open views peaceful settings and quiet evenings with the sounds of nature all around you. All villas have wifi, air-conditioning, balcony, hot water boiler, Flat screen TV with English Channels, Fridge

  • Restaurant on-site by Gym Bangarang

    Restaurant on-site

    Boxer’s Cafe and Grill is our on-site restaurant at Gym Bangarang. At Boxer’s cafe we don’t promote starvation, liquid or fad diets.

Latest News

  • Looking to lose those holiday kilos, our Muay Thai and fitness bootcamp is the winning combination
    Looking to lose those holiday kilos, our Muay Thai and fitness bootcamp is the winning combination
  • Gym Bangarang
  • Gym Bangarang