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What does the A&F store remind you of?

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  • Started on 22 Oct 2012 @ 1:06pm
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    As you walk by their shop in Central, you are greeted/assaulted by the smell of their brand's cologne. It's overwhelming inside the shop, you can even smell it even if you walk along Theatre Lane at the back of the store.

    Sniffing it too much gives me a headache, so it reminds me of poppers.

    What does it remind you of?

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  • Thumbnail_369760_505080739_1309795608_s Hughie D.
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    I'm not sure about the cologne, I havent actually been close enough to smell it, it was always packed with school girls wanting to take pictures with the "lifeguards".

    When's a shop going to open with female "lifeguards" hanging around outside wearing next to nothing?!