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Shopping in China

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  • Started on 15 Oct 2012 @ 1:00pm
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    I have heard of Da Fen, the artist village in Shen Zhen. I have already sorted out my visa and visited Shen Zhen a few times but I haven’t ventured further than Luohu.

    What is the easiest (and safest) way to get to Da Fen?

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  • Thumbnail_372020_730336011_470252002_s Vittorio L.
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    I think the best way to get to Da Fen is taking the Metro.
    You may find there is Da Fen station on the Blue line, top right corner.

    We all know it's never to travel around in Shen Zhen.

  • Final_logo_rev_1-1_feature_logo_avatar Angela L.

    Da Fan is a really nice place, but as with everything in China bargain hard if you want to buy. I got some really good paintings there that I have in my playgroup, in fact two of them will the small children on I photographed and turned into banners for my business, and facebook header picture.
    The area is nice although not much food wise. It is easy to get there by taxi, there is a train station called Da Fan but it is a little walk to the actual artist village.

  • Thumbnail_274673_676160073_699879401_n Liz K.
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    I haven't been over to Da Fen either, but a friend has recommended I go. Last time I went up I was searching for children's music instruments (unsuccessful), but somehow ended up in Henggang, getting on a bus, and go to Henggang Commercial City.

    If you ever need any stationary, paper, clothing, small toys, exercise equipment, etc. then go there. It is so huge, the size of a factory, goes on and on and on.

    I purchased probably $800 worth of supplies (paper, scissors, glue, stapler, pens, folders) for $80RMB. The most impressive item I wish I had purchased was the A3 size laminator for $200RMB.

    Dongchong has stationary, lots of toys, used to have musical instruments but apparently don't have them in stock anymore.

    Best way to go is take metro as close as you can, have someone write address in chinese and give it to a taxi driver.

  • Thumbnail_573831_572799599_1439030987_s Wouter D.
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    I've been to Da Fen last year, it's a very nice place whit lots of art galleries, but I can't remember how I got there though, my friend took me.

  • Thumbnail_bertha_chan_from_hong_kong_7 curv A.
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    Replying to #2

    I have been travelling in Shenzhen many times on Metro or Taxi. It's very safe to travel there nowadays. OCT loft is a great hangout.