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Favorite bar for a beer?

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  • Started on 1 Nov 2012 @ 10:48am
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    I'm originally from Portland, Oregon so whenever I go home to visit family I am so overwhelmed and excited by all of the variety of beers from micro-breweries! Not to mention when I go into a grocery store... I always get carded IN the beer section because I must look like a nervous college kid who can't make up her mind.

    Last time I was home I started drinking beer from Lost Coast Brewery, I especially liked their variety called Tangerine Wheat... It's so good.

    A couple months ago I stumbled upon a new bar called The Roundhouse in TST right around the corner from iSquare. It was just opening, so I decided to look inside. Lo and behold, there in a refrigerated case was Lost Coast Brewery beer!

    Roundhouse has tons and tons of beer... When you come in they give you an ipad so you can sift through their beer menu and sort by flavour, origin, popularity, etc. The bar is really nice too, it is open, lots of big TVs for sports, and the food is surprisingly good.

    Where's your favorite spot for a beer?

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