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Pole Dancing Competitions in HK!

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  • Started on 16 Oct 2012 @ 11:04am
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    Thursday 18th October, Hong Kong's Pole Divas is proudly hosting the HK China Pole Championships at Grappa's Cellar. Bringing competitors from around the world to compete. Hong Kong's Pole dance studio Pole Paradise is also hosting the PPS Aerial Performance Competition on the 12th of November taking place in Shueng Wan. I am excited that pole dancing is growing so fast in HK to become such an amazing form of exercise! I hope to teach some of you in the future!

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  • Thumbnail_372124_500182933_1169167599_s Scotty B.
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    Sounds interesting! I've moved your topic into "promotional" forum - thanks for sharing :)

  • Thumbnail_img-20120904-wa0004 Henness W.
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    The HK China Pole Championship 2012 is also a part of the 2.5 month of LGBT cultural events in HK: Check out the details here along with other events.