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Grand Opening Feast

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  • Started on 19 Oct 2012 @ 1:54pm
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    Grand Opening Feast 2012

    Ritz Carlton
    Level 3 | Diamond Ballroom
    30 October | 1930 hours

    Grand Opening Feast, Hong Kong - the inaugural opening event for the Hong Kong Festival of Restaurants. It will serve as the Press Conference for the Festival. This is a cornerstone event for the culinary capital of Asia. Top chefs from Hong Kong and around the world will talk about their vision for the culinary scene in this city. Each chef and restaurant has carefully crafted a dish that has been inspired by our theme colour “GREEN”.

    Headlining this event will be Michelin Chefs that operate and own their own restaurants, up and coming young chefs as well as exceptional minds in the food and beverage industry. Each individual present has invested their sweat and blood to achieve their status today. In the culinary world, they are artists – inspired to dazzle their diner’s smell, taste and visuals. It is a rare opportunity to have so many artisans in a single place working their magic.

    Get your tickets now! -

    Feast on these dishes and enjoy delicious organic wines!

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  • Thumbnail_372124_500182933_1169167599_s Scotty B.
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    Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for sharing the event - this forum is all about the personal touch, so it would be great if you could introduce yourself and tell us your connection to it.

  • Thumbnail_gof_invite Vincent P.
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    At the moment, we are trying to reinvigorate the Hong Kong Culinary Scene. Many people compare our city with Singapore in terms of culinary excellence. We found that local Chefs don't really get that branding and neither are they really nurtured in Hong Kong.

    This event attempts to bring the top class chefs around the world and also the up and coming chefs who have something to say. It is really critical to have some homegrown Chefs from Hong Kong that will represent our city on the global scale.

    Slowly we are helping people in Hong Kong change their mindset about food, chefs, dining etc.

    So hope everyone can make it to the Grand Opening Feast and talk to some of the Chefs, their inspirations and their dreams. The Michelin Chefs of course have put in years of work to attain their current status.

  • Thumbnail_372124_500182933_1169167599_s Scotty B.
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    Sounds great :) So do you work at the Ritz Carlton?