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Young Local Art Talent Offers New Perspective in “Visions to the Future” Exhibition at The Rotunda, Exchange Square

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  • Started on 7 Jun 2014 @ 12:25pm
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    Visions to the Future is the latest in a long line of exhibitions sponsored and/ or hosted by Hongkong Land, one of the city’s most dedicated and prominent patrons of the arts. The exhibition aims to provide a springboard for the new and exciting generation of Hong Kong artists.

    The exhibition features art pieces by Zaffer Chan Sui Ying, Cheung Sze Lit, Barbara Choi Tak Yee, Ho Kwun Ting and Shum Kwan Hon, each of whom crafts works in a variety of media and from vastly different perspectives of the world around them. Zaffer Chan employs traditional fine brush Chinese painting technique in her latest series of landscapes, using meticulous contours to depict flowers and nature. Cheung Sze Lit explores the hidden implications of collected media images through the use of painting and drawing, while Barbara Choi is a skilled practitioner of Chinese delineative painting, or gongbi. Ho Kwun Ting experiments with outlines inspired by gongbi, but within three-dimensional sculptures. Meanwhile, Shum Kwan Hon is a painter whose psychological portraits reveal the solitary, fragile nature of living.

    “Hongkong Land is proud to be a pioneer in bringing art closer to people and we are determined to display even more captivating pieces in our buildings in the future,” Pang added.

    Throughout its 125-year history, promoting art and culture has been at the core of Hongkong Land’s vision. The Company consistently promotes art and culture by hosting cultural events and art exhibitions to engage and delight members of the public within its property portfolio at the heart of the city’s prime business district.

    Visions to the Future is on display until 18th June 2014 at The Rotunda at Exchange Square in CENTRAL.

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