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“The Fourth Prahar” Afternoon Ragas with Dr Ashwini Bhide - Live Performance

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    Spic Macay invites you to experience a scintillating performance of Indian Classical Vocal performance by Gurus (maestros) of the tradition. Dr. Ashwini Bhide, Pt. Vinod Kumar Lele, Pt. Vinay Kumar Mishra and Ms. Dhanashri Ghaisas are visiting Hong Kong to present a rare performance of afternoon Ragas.

    The lifeblood of all Indian classical music, is the concept of Raag. The word raag is derived from the Sanskrit word "rang" which literally means “colour”. We could say a raag is something which colors the mind with a particular emotion. There is no single English word that can accurately translate the full meaning of raga. It is not entirely a musical scale, a mode or a even a tune but it definitely encompasses all those three elements. A detailed musical or technical knowledge is not necessary for the enjoyment of Indian classical music as it is primarily aimed at the heart rather than the brain. Many raags are designed to work like a prescription, enhancing a particular mood, time of day, season, emotion or ambience.

    Join us for a riveting afternoon of soul-soothing afternoon raags performed by renowned artists. Registration is free but places are limited. This is an event made possible by the support of the ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations) and the Indian Consulate of Hong Kong.

    Event Details

    “The Fourth Prahar” Afternoon Ragas with Dr Ashwini Bhide
    Date: 21st November 2013 (Thursday)
    Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
    Venue: Asia Society, 9 Justice Drive, Admirality, Hong Kong
    Please register at You can register by clicking on the "Buy Tickets" button on the right side of the webpage. Then create a new account or log into your existing Asia Society account to complete the registration.

    Spic Macay is a volunteer group to promote Indian traditional arts worldwide

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