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Encore IT

Encore IT is a fully fledged IT Services and Solutions Company specialising in providing a range of IT consultancy, and IT Support services and IT Project Management in Hong Kong and across Asia. At Encore IT we appreciate the importance of communication and collaboration in modern day business. We provide a range of IT Services and Solutions for your business to operate effectively.

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Our Products / Services

  • Emergency IT Support in Hong Kong and Singapore by Encore IT

    Emergency IT Support in Hong Kong and Singapore

    Encore IT gives you access to enterprise level resources on a pay-as-you-go basis so that your IT infrastructure is supported.

  • Managed IT, Core and Software Support Services by Encore IT

    Managed IT, Core and Software Support Services

    Encore IT Support Plus offers you a level of Support and Security for all of your IT Systems and Network.

  • Encore IT Procurement by Encore IT

    Encore IT Procurement

    We help purchase the IT equipment needed for your business at the lowest price through our established relationships with trusted vendors.

  • Encore IT Consultancy by Encore IT

    Encore IT Consultancy

    Encore IT has a specialised team of consultants who are able to advise you on your IT infrastructure.

  • Encore IT Project Management by Encore IT

    Encore IT Project Management

    We provide a complete project management solution from its conception all the way through installation and ongoing management of your system

  • Online Back up by Encore IT

    Online Back up

    Encore IT provides a secure, affordable and simple solution to back up your system that is quick and easy to implement.

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